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Name:Tsujimiya Maguri
Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:United States of America
Website:Memento Eden :: RP Comm


Series: Shinshi Doumei Cross (Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)
Played by: [info]chiba_yuriko aka Yuri or Yuriko

Appearance: Around 5'9" to 5'10" (players best guesstimate), bleached blonde hair, gold eyes. He has a thin, lean build. Under his bangs, there is a light scar on the left part of his forehead from an accident as a child. He's around 17 years old when arriving at Memento Eden.

Item/Memory Lost: Maora's tie

Residence: Ari Apartments Rm 607; Roomate: Suzaku (and Arthur)

Job: None at the moment


9% regained (5% remaining to allocate as of 2/20/10)

  • Full name .5%

  • Okurimakuri, the sheep .5%

  • His family being Yakuza 1%

  • Takanari (fuzzy on specific events regarding him) 3%


  • School uniform, minus the tie

  • Wallet with student ID and some yen

  • Okurimakuri (received from the Tanabata Ball)

  • Clothes bought for himself and some from Hibari

  • A trunk from Ledah with the blue dress and suit he borrowed for the ball as well the singing hat

|| LINKS ||
Memento Eden // Memento Logs // Memento OOC // Maguri's App

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gentlemen's alliance, haine, maora, memento_eden, rp, shinshi doumei cross, shizun, takataka, ushio, yakuza, yoshitaka

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